With more than five years of experience with woodworking, marquetry, computerized cutting (CNC), laser engraving and cutting techniques, Molinni have been transforming raw wood into unique items, without a doubt, true works of art in wood.

Millimetric accuracy

Sophisticated machinery

Various techniques

Custom-made cuts

With the ability to design in-house, the sky is the limit!

We execute projects of tables, benches, barbecue and kitchen counters, cutting boards, coasters and other dinning accessories, using a variety of techniques. With the use of different resins and varnishes, exotic wood, steel or aluminum, Molinni offers several types of finishes and have the ideal solution to make your home or business much more elegant and attractive!

Attention to detail and agility

As you can see in our gallery, our works are executed with great dedication and commitment, always seeking to achieve a visually perfect result, within the shortest possible time. Contact us directly below and let us know your design goals! We love new challenges!

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